The Challenge Of Low Arches

Many beginning ballet students may suddenly find themselves obsessed with obtaining a high,  well developed arch. For some, doing arch enhancing exercises can make a difference. For others, no amount of arch enhancing exercises will  change the basic structure of the foot.

Unlike the higher arched dancer, those with low arches  have  feet that are less flexible. On the plus side, lower arched feet are stronger.

For a beginner with undeveloped feet, having low arches will make it more difficult to rise fully on pointe in the proper position. The weaker foot will also have difficulty breaking in new pointe shoes and will have to work harder at softening the shanks of her shoes.

After gaining strength, the biggest challenge  for a dancer with low arches is finding a pointe shoe that will maximize whatever arch she does have. Pointe shoes that are pre-arched are ideal for the lower arched dancer. Experienced dancers can also find a flattering fit with split-sole pointe shoes.

The ideal pointe shoe will hug the bottom of the foot closely and have maximum flexibility of sole and shank. Some of the following pointe shoe brands are suitable for the lower arched dancer:

Capezio Glisse

Bloch Balance European

Grishko 2007

Russian Pointe Entrada

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