Bloch Synergy

Bloch Synergy

This pointe shoe has a very interesting description; built on a y-shaped last. The y-shape construction makes the shoe wide in the metatarsal area which Bloch claims makes this a “bunion friendly” pointe shoe.

The paste they use for the Synergy is the kind that molds to your foot shape when moist. The redboard shank sounds wonderful for someone who doesn’t want to fight with an unflexible shank.

The only negative for me is the description of the Synergy wing blocks. The wings are blocked up to the seamline in the middle of the shoe. Unless the wings are easily softened, I find that wing blocks cause to much pressure on bunions.

The y-last type shoes can be very comfortable. They give your toes plenty of spreading room during demi-pointe. Capezio’s Aerial is designed like this, and is a very bunion friendly shoe. The Bloch Synergy has a much larger platform than the Aerial.

This pointe shoe seems to be a nice alternative for someone looking for flexibility, comfort, and ease of break in.

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