Gamba 93 Pointe Shoes

Gamba 93 pointe shoeGamba created this pointe shoe model for beginning and intermediate pointe students. The shoes are considered a “ready to wear” pointe shoe with little or no break in required.

The shanks are made with a flexible carbon fiber material so the foot can roll through easily from demi-pointe. The 93 model has a lower profile and longer vamp which makes it suitable for those with long toes. The box is a slightly tapered square shape which is actually suitable for many different foot types, but much preferred by those with narrow feet.

The reviews that I have found on the Gamba 93 are 95% positive.  The shoe is described as soft, comfortable, and very easy to break in. The Gamba 93 molds well to the dancers foot. The negative aspect of a soft pointe shoe like the Gamba 93  is the shorter  lifespan of the shoe, and the fact that a dancer with strong feet would wear them out quickly.


14 responses to “Gamba 93 Pointe Shoes

  1. Hello,
    I’m new to your site but I am enjoying it!

    I love Gamba’s and I am interested in where they are manufactured (where the factory is located). Are they still made in England, or are they now made in France?


  2. Hello Amy. I believe that this particular model, the 93, has been discontinued. Online information tells us that Gamba closed down their storefront shop in Covent Garden, London when Repetto bought them out around 2003.

    The models made by Gamba in England have a unique stamp on the sole that says: Gamba Ltd. Made in E.E.C. Covent Garden, London
    Interestingly enough, the Gamba factory is still listed currently on a UK businesses website and gives the address as :
    Gamba Ltd.
    1 Northfields Industrial Estate
    Beresford Avenue
    HA0 1XS

    The Repetto factory is located in the heart of France in a region called Dordogne. The address is St Medard D’Excideuil in the Dordogne according to their official website.

    The best way to find out is through Repetto directly. I have messaged Repetto through their Facebook page (thanks to Google Translate) and will update this as soon as they respond back.

    • Thanks for your quick response! I wear the 97 model, perhaps they are made in France. I will be interested to know! If they are now made in France, I wonder if the English cobblers would have trained the French cobblers at Repetto to make the shoes.

      • PS, I just looked at a pair I have, and they do have the stamp you describe. So, maybe they still make them in England. If so, I wonder why Repetto’s website only takes orders within France?

  3. These are the intriguing shoe questions that keep this blog alive and me spending countless hours researching 🙂 I do hope they answer as I would like to know myself. Sometimes trying to get a response from a pointe shoe company is like pulling teeth.

    Repetto only has the Carlotta on their website, yet there are many other models floating around out there. It did occur to me that one could place a mock order for Gambas from a dance supply company and ask if the shoes are factory “fresh” and would the sales rep read the sole stamp information out loud.Yes, very cheeky!

    That could be one way to determine who is making the newest Gamba models. Unfortunately, many dance supply companies are clueless about shoe origins.

  4. I wear Gamba 97, and the ones I’ve recently ordered came with rock hard wings and vamps–totally different from the old ones that had really soft wings and vamps and just a short little box.

    Do you know if this change is intentional and permanent or if it is just a deviation from the norm?


  5. Hello Anne,
    The only information I could find came from a customer review on Discount Dance Supply where there was mention of a design change or possible “upgrade” by the manufacturer in side seam construction and box shape.

    It appears that some companies tweak shoe models without disclosure which is maddening when you are happy with the old style.

  6. I have a student who is desperately trying to find Gamba’s Delco demi-pointes – she is adamant they are the only ones that fit. In trying to find those, I find a worrying absence of any mention of Gamba on Repetto’s main site anywhere. Is it possible they’re about to disappear?

  7. Pointe Shoe Brands

    Hello Marisa,
    Finding dance supply companies that offer the Delco model as regular stock is indeed a hunt. I did see one company based in Hong Kong that offers them for sale.

    I also found them advertised on the Royal Ballet Boutique website on this page @

    The biggest challenge with Repetto is that they never reply to my inquiries; especially about their Gamba models.

    I hope this helps. If I find out more, I will leave the information here.

  8. I got a reply from Repetto via their Facebook page! This is what they said:

    “We would like to thank you for your interest in Maison Repetto.

    We regret to inform you that the pointe shoes Gamba Delco are not sold in our boutiques (in France and worldwide) anymore.

    The two designs that you can find on our online store are Julieta (for beginners) and Carlotta.

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.
    Best regards,

    So it looks like the Delco model is discontinued. I did ask about the Gamba 93 and 97 as well – as you can see, they haven’t said anything about them directly, but the fact that they’ve referred me to the Julieta and Carlotta suggests they may be gone, too?

    What a shame if Gamba has disappeared.

  9. Pointe Shoe Brands

    Thank you for the information, Marisa. I am happy that Repetto finally answered an inquiry.

    It is a real shame about Gamba as a company and as a decades-old supplier of pointe shoes in convenient proximity to The Royal Ballet. So many dancers loved their Gamba models.

    It appears that Repetto has annihilated the Gamba brand and is not too keen on producing more of their own models. A company as large as Repetto that only offers 2 pointe models makes one think that their sales and marketing priorities are in not in ballet products.

    I do see the 93 and 97 being sold through dance shops online which only adds to the mystery.

  10. I have been visiting your website lately and it is such a wonderful blog.
    Yes, they are still making Gamba 93 and Gamba 97 pointe shoes I suppose, as I bought a pair of Gam93 XX Size 6.5 at a Repetto Boutique few weeks ago and a pair of Gamba 93 XXH at a local ballet shop yesterday. However, I do find them different on the colour and the strength of the box. I believe they were made in different times or even from different factories. The pair from the local ballet shop are not as pink as the other one in the colour of the satin, and they were on sale. They could be some old stock from a few years ago. In my opinion, I like the pair which I got from the Repetto shop as the boxes are a tiny bit smaller which fits my toes better (they both are very square in the shape on the box) , and it doesn’t have the stamp E.E.C on the sole. However, the pair I got from the local shop do have the E.E.C stamp on the sole as well as a sign C10, it could be the number or sign of the maker from the factory.
    Since Repetto bought Gamba, I believe there are some changes on Gamba pointe shoes for sure, they could be made more towards to the style of Repetto pointe shoes, as I have a pair of Repetto Julietta too, which I feel very comfortable with, and yes, they are very soft all rounded.
    Hope all these would help!

  11. I had gamba 93 as my first pointe shoes and I still found them very wide even though I had the smallest width. (I’m just in general annoyed with them because out teacher fitted us all in gamba 93’s to begin with.)

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