Chacott Coppelia II

Chacott Coppelia IIThe Chacott Coppellia II pointe shoe is an ideal shoe for the student just beginning pointe work or for those who prefer a lightweight shoe. The lightweight construction makes the Coppelia II an easy pointe shoe to break in.

The shanks are softer and more flexible to allow a beginning student greater foot articulation. The modified v-vamp shape also allows for easier demi-pointe.

The box shape on the Coppelia II has a broad toe and a lower profile. The shoe comes pre-arched for maximum arch enhancement. The lightweight structure of the Coppelia II molds itself wonderfully to the foot creating a very comfortable pointe shoe for students.

One response to “Chacott Coppelia II

  1. I had a pair of these back around 1997. They are the only pair of pointe shoes I’ve ever owned that have given me a blister (I’ve been on pointe since 1995, wore one pair of Capezio’s, a few pairs of Grishko’s, and what feels like a dozen pair of Gaynor Minden’s – 1 pair a year until 2008 once my feet stopped growing.) At the time I was 11 years old, and had only been on pointe for about 2 years. I was considered tall and skinny for my age, by every person I met. Prior to my feet slowing down in their growth in high school, these are the only pointe shoes I ever broke in. I didn’t wear them for that long. My dance instructor (who had over 40 years of teaching experience at the time) was surprised how quickly they broke in, and felt I should have gotten a refund for these shoes. Funny piece of trivia for you, I wore these pointe shoes when we did Coppelia, and have a picture of myself in them and in my doll costume on my Facebook page.

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