What Is It About Ballet?

If you ask any one person what it is about ballet that they love so much you will get a million different answers. If the person you are asking is not a dancer themselves then you will hear them mention the beautiful costumes or the haunting music. Those who don’t dance are fascinated with the physical agility of the ballerina.

If you ask a ballet dancer what they love about ballet you will hear them speak of creative expression, discipline, self control, and enjoying the challenge of trying to reach the highest level of perfection in technique.

I have thought long and hard about this ballet thing trying to find the right words to describe just why ballet is adored by so many.

In this world we have a daily dose of negativity surrounding us from television news reports and newspapers. We know this world is full of ugly things; earthquakes, famines, murders, disease, poverty, and abuse.

Then we catch a glimpse of a ballet and suddenly we are transported away from all the negativity into a world of beauty, elegance, and grace. For that hour or two we can live in a joyous world, a creative paradise. No bad news, only beauty to fill our souls.

That is why I call the ballerina an angel. She brings a little piece of heaven down to the weary masses and gives us the gift of hope for a more beautiful world.

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