Prima Soft Pointe Shoes

I would like to acknowledge the Prima-Soft company for providing the following information on the break in process for the Prima-Soft pointe shoe.

About Prima Soft Pointe Shoes
Don’t Bend or Flex Prima Soft Pointe Shoes The research and design of Prima Soft shoes is made with the highest technology available. From that we understand that the word “HI TECH” does not necessitate using artificial materials. Prima Soft pointe shoes are made of natural materials and no plastic, fiberglass or rubber is used in the shoe construction. Using natural materials allow the shoes to work with, not against the dancers feet. Prima Soft Pointe Shoes are designed on new, innovative lasts. This unique design allows the dancer’s toes to go directly straight down into the toe box, thus preventing the toes from settling into the upper part of the pointe shoe vamp. Toes are correctly placed in the “perfect placement toe box” giving the dancer a connection with the floor. This greatly enhances the dancers balance and placement. The shanks on each design of Prima Soft pointe shoes are graduated in strength. The need to manually soften the shoe by mashing and hammering is alleviated by our mold to the arch graduated shanks. The support of the shank begins under the metatarsal and gradually decreases toward the heel area. The amount of graduation is unique to the style of shoe and the need for that individuals shoes support. The shanks mold into the arches naturally. Prima Soft pointe shoes offer total support and comfort from first wearing and need not, and should not, be bent or flexed by hand. In 2003, Prima Soft pointe shoes were the only pointe shoes to be endorsed by David Howard. After seeing the balance and placement of Prima Soft pointe shoes Mr. Howard stated “Not just another shoe, but the correct shoe”.

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