Pointe Shoe Ribbons And Elastic

Yesterday I decided to take a break from all the social networks on the internet and finally catch up on some sewing that I have been putting off.

I had three pairs that I wanted to fix. One pair , my Capezio Contempora’s needed ribbon so I could hang them on the wall in my bedroom. The ribbons were totally frayed at the end and unraveling fast. I took a lighter and lightly touched up the frayed ends; it worked beautifully. I did the usual fold-the-heel-in trick and marked the spot. I sew the ribbons on with my beautiful shiny pink embroidery thread and hung them on the wall with a big bow.

My next pair, the Capezio Aerials needed elastic. I decided to put the elastic further up on the shoe; not quite like a ballet slipper, but not on the back seam either. The elastic was a tan-ish putty color; not a perfect match.

That simple act of sitting quietly and sewing really restored my spirit. No high tech gadgets, no deadlines, no pressure. It was wonderful. I found more joy in those simple, quiet moments with needle and thread than anything else that I did that day. I have one more pair to go. I will consider sewing them a little mini vacation from the rush, rush pace of life……….

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