Saving The Life Of A Pointe Shoe

Pointe shoes are incredibly expensive these days! I cannot imagine what a pointe shoe will cost in 20 years. It may be that sometime in the near future ballerinas will have to take out  bank loans to pay for shoes.

I remember way back when, in 1972, my grandfather took me to get my first pair of pointe shoes. All of my regular shoes cost around $10.00 a pair. My grandfather was indulging me by spending a whopping $21.99. That was a huge amount of money for one pair of shoes back then. My precious pointe shoes were Capezio Pavlova and I wore them to death! The poor things ended up as soft as butter and I finally stopped using them to go on pointe when I was 15 years old. Yes, I danced in those Capezios for 3 years. I didn’t know about “dead” shoes. I must give Capezio credit for the quality of those shoes.

I didn’t know about floor wax and gorilla glue back then either. If I had, maybe I could have squeezed a few more wearings from them. There is nothing sadder than a pair of pointe shoes that look like shredded, pink pancakes……..

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