Dance Forum Etiquette

I am by nature a very curious person and enjoy researching and gathering information. On my journeys through the vast information highway we call the internet I often stop by various forums to see what the latest topics are for discussion. I have noticed a very distasteful rudeness in some of the dance forums of which I am a member. Today, in one particular dance forum, after posting a reply or giving an opinion, another member will post a sharp, cutting remark in turn. Then another member will post an even ruder remark at that member. Forums are supposed to be communities! No one is going to want to post in a forum where the members are not supported. I must give credit to the forum that Bloch has created. All members are told to treat each other with respect at all times. You really see this in effect in the Bloch forum. All the members communicate freely and without fear of criticism. All forum posters must remember that even the written word carries emotion behind it. Think before you post! Are you replying to a post with good intention or are you out to show the other person how wrong they are? Let us be positive contributors to the forums we join and raise the standard of forum etiquette.

One response to “Dance Forum Etiquette

  1. I just wanted to say how absolutely delightful your blog is. Truly fantastic and so far, every post I have read is wonderful. I really enjoyed the video of the Bolshoi Swan Lake scene, it is one of my favourite, and I am very pleased to see Gelsey receiving some praise! Well done, oh, and one more thing, I completely agree with you on forum etiquette and have added Bloch’s forum to the bookmarks!

    Have a super great day and week!


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