Chadova Pointe Shoes- Russian Name, French Description

Chadova  Pointe ShoesI am amazed by the sheer amount of pointe shoe brands that I have been finding lately without even doing intensive hunting. They spring up as if by magic like this mysterious brand of Chadova pointe shoes I found.

Whenever I find a new shoe brand, I spend quite a bit of time trying to find out something to share with you. However, these shoes have left a big blank in the information department when it comes to the production location, buyer source and origin of manufacturer.



The name Chadova sounds decidedly Russian to my ears. The shoes were advertised in French as a design made for les enfants (children) . The only logical French-Russian connection for these shoes may be on a French website dedicated to  professionals in the dance community around Paris, France.

Go to L’équipe pédagogique and scroll way down until you find the paragraph heading Formateurs & Artistes intervenants invités : Classique.  You will find a Mme Chadova mentioned in the first sentence as a dance instructor of Russian technique.

A patent for chaussons de danse (dance shoes)  was registered in 1976 by a Michelline Chadova which you can see here.

It is my best guess that Michelline Chadova was a Russian ballet instructor who designed her own brand for dancers in France where she taught classical ballet. Whether she is still alive or whether Chadova pointe shoes are still being made is a mystery. Intriguing stuff, isn’t it?


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3 responses to “Chadova Pointe Shoes- Russian Name, French Description

  1. I love your blog !!! Thanks so much for your interesting Informations on pointe shoes!!!

  2. Thank you for visiting, Susanne :)

  3. I agree this information is so useful for dancers, teachers and parents, especially those new to pointe work.

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