Fouette Pointe Shoes From Argentina

If you are familiar with popular brands of pointe shoes, you are probably aware that Grishko of Russia makes a model called the Fouette. I recently discovered another Fouette pointe shoe from the gorgeous country of Argentina, South America.

In this case, Fouette is the brand name of the company and they give their shoe model the same name. The Fouette company appears to be a popular manufacturer in the Buenos Aires region of Argentina.

 They are a wonderfully convenient provider of dance supplies because their shop is located across the street from the Teatro Colón ; one of the top-rated opera houses in the world and the largest in Buenos Aires.

Being in such close proximity to a world-famous venue like the Teatro Colón makes me wonder why I couldn’t find a company website to save my life.

Fouette Viamonte, 1177 (1053) -  Cap.Fed. Buenos Aires - Argentina Fono: (5411) 5032-2547 / 5032-9010 dancers from all over the world come to perform on that stage, wouldn’t they like a business website to make long-distance ordering easier?

Of course, I could be mistaken. They may indeed have a website. I just can’t find it. However, I did find the contact information for anyone interested in making an inquiry:

Viamonte, 1177 (1053) – Cap.Fed.
Buenos Aires – Argentina
Fono: (5411) 5032-2547 / 5032-9010

I wonder if that is the owner and founder of Fouette standing in the entrance of the shop? How I would love to open those doors and make a beeline for the pointe shoes and slippers!

These beautifully worn Spanish Fouettes are interesting, aren’t they? I would love to have a pair for my collection. Sadly, I couldn’t find any information about the exact specs on this shoe. In some photos, the toe boxes appear tapered; in others, rounded.

This brand is very intriguing to me. I am going to send an email inquiry to Fouette asking if they have a website.

Note: By the time I came back to finish this post, Fouette had already responded. Unfortunately, they do not have a website at this time, but their fast response is incredibly admirable and professional. Muchos gracias, Fouette.

Capezio’s Latest Model-The Studio

Capezio Studio Pointe Shoe

The Capezio Studio made its debut April 2014

With so many links and companies on the sidebar, checking in for new products is a full-time job. Offering the latest and the greatest dance products to customers makes some of these sites an ever-changing merry-go-round of shoe models.

Just the other day, I was walking around in my Capezio Pavlowa’s for the sake of nostalgia. Since this is the model I wore way back when, I wondered why the vamps felt much longer than I remembered.  Do our toes shrink as we age, or had Capezio “revamped” the vamp?

When I got to the Capezio website, I found a much smaller listing of models than I have ever seen before. Where did everybody go? Many old familiar models were gone, including the Pavlowa. However, a new model was now being featured; the Studio.

Capezio Studio Pointe Shoe

Capezio Studio. According to Capezio, this shoe has the hardest toe box in their collection. Not only is the drawstring elasticized, but the binding as well. The wing blocks are high. The Studio has a shorter sole, lower heels and quieter boxes.

 See The Capezio Studio In Action

When it comes to construction methods, some dancers enjoy the shrink-wrap effect of tightly pulled elastic in their shoes. They don’t mind the wrinkled prune appearance when the shoes aren’t on.

Capezio Studio Pointe ShoesThere is definitely a market for pointe shoes that stretch and conform to the foot beyond adding well-placed instep elastic and ribbons.

Capezio’s Shank System

Capezio has a simple method for labeling the strength of their shanks:   The #1 is the softest shank, # 3 a medium hard shank, the #5 an extra strong shank. The Studio is available with a 5.5 or a 7.5 shank hardness.  (!)

It would take a powerhouse of a foot to break in 7.5 shanks. I can only imagine what a demi-pointe would feel like in a new pair; bending a slab of concrete? On the plus side, the Studio has all the features that could make it an incredibly tough and durable pointe shoe.

If you own a pair of Capezio Studio’s, feel free to leave your honest review here.



Deciphering The Brand Name Of These Estonian Pointe Shoes

Annette Pointe ShoeAs we leave summer behind and get ready for fall, I look forward to the cooler, frostier weather of my region. Cold air wakes me up and makes me feel energetic and alive.

Energy is a great thing to have when you are trying to solve numerous shoe puzzles and figure out mysterious pointe shoe brands like the one on this page.

The model is called Annette. The manufacturers stamp under the toe box says Made In Estonia Tallinn*. It’s clearly visible and easy to read because of the block lettering.

* If you want to know more about this part of the world, see : Tallinn, Estonia.

Asking For Fresh Eyes And Reader Opinions-What Does It Spell Out To You?

Sole Mark Annette

This imprint is the brand name needed to do further research on this manufacturer.

Although the imprint under the toe box is easy to make out, the writing under the heel portion has driven me to distraction. I zoomed and zoomed in, but I cannot make out the full name. Can you?

I see an O, a K and a possible A, but cannot decipher the rest. Does it appear to you that the first O shape is part of the swirly K? I could definitely use a set of fresh eyes ( and younger ones) to help make this out and get the puzzle solved.

I am looking forward to your thoughts and opinions!

Update: Thanks to some effective Facebook sharing, I learned that the brand is Kamilla of Estonia. It appears that the Annette might be discontinued because it isn’t featured on their website,

I sent an inquiry to Kamilla about the Annette and hope to learn more. I am a bit disappointed that this brand cannot be added to the sidebar, but so happy to finally know what the brand is.

TKS Pointe Shoes From Germany

TKS pointe shoes

TKS Pointe Shoes

Imagine starting a business in the Black Forest area of Germany 100 years ago making circus shoes. The business then evolves over the decades into a manufacturer of different types of dance shoes and accessories. Such is the case of the TKS brand name of dance shoes from Germany.

The initials stand for TanzKunstSchuhe.

Deep In Heart Of The Black Forest TKS Creates Pointe Shoes

mapTKS is a family owned company located in St. Georgen, Germany, in the southern Baden-Württemberg region where the gorgeous Black Forest landscape attracts visitors from all over the world.

TKS makes one pointe shoe model, several varieties of soft slippers and a soft Jazz shoe. They also manufacture tights and toe protectors. TKS has over 25 shades of leotards in vibrant, amazing colors. I was very impressed by the variety they offer.

Visiting a Black Forest sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Model Specifications For The S20 TKS

TKS German Pointe Shoe

Made in Germany by the Schullerer family

According to the product page, the model is labeled with the number S20 and is created in a medium width with a cotton liner. The sales page mentions that the shoe is designed to fit tightly. Ribbons are included with purchase. The model appears to have a long vamp and slightly tapered toe boxes.

Hand-Cobbled Pointe Shoes Still Exist

TKS pointe shoes

Hübsche Spitzenschuhe means pretty pointe shoes in German

I love the TKS website because it has some charming photos of the Schullerer family and its employees hard at work making dance shoes and garments. This is so refreshing from other manufacturers that hide what goes on behind their factory doors.

Although this brand is one I have never heard of before, I am pleased to share my discovery with you. This is a real German pointe shoe, made in Germany by Germans.

Smaller, regional pointe shoe makers are just as important as mega-brand name factories in keeping the cobbler traditions alive and well in the ballet world.

Sadly, I couldn’t locate TKS on Facebook or Twitter, although they may be there. However, you can learn more about this interesting German brand on their official website,

* Click on Schuhe, then choose Spitzenschuhe to see the S20 model.



Kevin Pointe Shoes- A Cold Case Exclusive

Kevin Balletto pointe shoes

If the bag were flipped the other way we might have a better clue about these shoes.

When it comes to researching brands, there comes a point ( no pun intended) when the shoes need to be filed away and put into the cold case files.

After hours and hours and days of hunting the web for information about a new find, you need to relax and hope that one day the puzzle will be solved.

Up For Today’s Mystery Review Is  One Pair Of Kevin Pointe Shoes

Kevin Balletto pointe shoes

The sole appears stamped with the words KEVIN BALLETTO when I zoom in. If the word appears to read differently to you, please feel free to comment.

The shoes appear to have low profile boxes, a brushed suede sole and are made of the prettiest pale pink satin.

These shoes were being offered for sale on eBay Germany.  The name Balletto is often referenced in the German and Italian languages with dance products and websites from those countries.

However, because Kevin is neither German or Italian, I find it interesting, yet baffling. Having languages that are mixed like this and then stamped on a pointe shoe only adds to the intrigue. When pointe shoes are lightly stamped and not deeply embossed with a manufacturer’s name, they can appear middleman-ish  as far as distribution and sales.

This Is All We Have For Our Kevin Pointe Shoe Cold Case File:

  • The shoes were being sold in Germany, but they may be manufactured somewhere else.
  • The shoes might be another well-known brand, but the dance shop owner, Kevin,  just stamps them with his logo and puts them in a company bag for the customer.
  • The bottom name is very fuzzy and unclear. It might say something other than Balletto.

If you know anything about this company, please contact your local Sheriff’s department. If they aren’t interested, leave the information here instead. :)

 Update 10/10/14: According to this comment, Kevin pointe shoes are made in Shanghai by the brother-in-law of the Büffel pointe shoe manufacturer.